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Boat Hire Guide

Why A Wedding Boat Hire on the River Thames is Special


Getting married and getting married on the Thames are two different things. And while there is about a hundred couples who can boast a luxurious and unforgettable riverside wedding along the Thames, having to celebrate the occasion right above the water is a lot fancier and unique. So if you want your wedding to be the best memory not only for you but also for all of your guests, you will want to consider celebrating it through a Thames boat hire.


One of the best things about Thames Boat Hire in the Thames River is that only a few couples have tried it so far, which means that you get the distinction of becoming one of those few. It is not just romantic for you and your future spouse, but also fun for everyone else. But while fun and romance are two of the things you expect in a typical wedding celebration, this one's quite different because the elegance cannot be denied. Simply put, there really is nothing like getting married while on a boat traversing the river with the best of London within sight.


For the most part, hiring a wedding boat along the River Thames Wedding is offered in two distinct ways, depending on what the couples really want. The first one is to hire a boat in order to hold the actual wedding reception in it. There are several companies offering this kind of service and their boats are the largest you can find in the river, the obvious reason of which is to make a good number of guests will be accommodated in the reception. Wedding receptions on a boat can either be casual or formal, depending on how everything is planned and what the couples want. It can be an elegant and formal dinner with a limited number of guests or a casual buffet style with every family member and friend on board. It is best to choose a boat with at least a couple of decks and some space outside so that the guests get to enjoy with that much room to move around while sightseeing.


The other option meanwhile is hiring a boat as your transportation going to your riverside wedding reception. So if you decide you're instead going for a riverside reception, you still can enjoy the boat ride along the Thames and then make a grand arrival on it to your wedding venue. This is obviously a more affordable option since you don't need to accommodate your guests on the boat.


Whatever your choice is, the fact remains that hiring a boat for your wedding on the River Thames is something special; something that beyond compare. Visit this website at for more details about weddings.